Wood Waste Recycling Limited

Situated at Landor Street Birmingham we were tasked to find them alternative premises

In May 2013 we were instructed by Wood Waste Recycling Limited who were situated at Landor Street Birmingham to find them alternative premises.

In May 2013 we were instructed by Wood Waste Recycling Limited, situated at Landor Street Birmingham to find them alternative premises.  Their business was the supply of wooden pallets and the recycling of damaged pallets to provide wood chip for bio mass (waste to energy).  The initial instruction was to identify a site of circa 3 acres within the greater Birmingham area but preferably with good access to the M6 motorway and while freehold would be considered preference was for a lease.  An absolute requirement was the use of a suitable weigh bridge facility.  In addition to a specific site requirement the company wanted buildings of a basic quality as their product i.e. wooden pallets and wood chip was not of high value but required to be kept “wind and water tight”.  We commenced a search and after looking at various sites and properties throughout the greater Birmingham area identified some straight forward "sheds" within the Heartlands Industrial Park, belonging to St Modwens (which was the former Alsom manufacuting base)  originally used by them  for making railway, rolling stock etc...

We initially agreed for our clients to lease 3 bays within the site along with a small unit and some open land.  The lease was duly completed but the clients encountered many problems with the external storage land.  As a result we reopened negotiations (after the lease had been completed) and agreed terms with the landlords to surrender the external storage land which was of no practical use and take additional covered accommodation albeit subject to a schedule of condition.  In the end the total space included in the lease to my clients was in excess of 80,000 sq.ft.  

Once everything had been sorted out and the revised lease had been completed we submitted our invoice based upon the value of the property acquired and the services provided for the client.

A complex client requirement meant a great deal of man-hours were spent finding the right property and even then the matter wasn't straightforward. However, post lease negotiations yielded a deal that was beneficial to all.

James McBride
Stephens McBride
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